Channel chiefs are continually struggling to find the right starting point when it comes to following the latest trends. The solution to this is simple yet effective, start backwards. A report was released in 2018 that outlined the fact that channel partners are facing a continual struggle when it comes to leaders adopting new models or even technology in general.

The 2018 Report

One issue that channel chiefs face is trying to evolve their channel so that it is adaptable enough to align with any future market conditions. A lot of vendors don’t know how to adjust their channel for the coming year and they also have no idea how to craft the foundation for their channel so that it can take an efficient route to market. Channel chiefs have told 2112 that they want their programs to encourage partners to invest in new service models and technology. They don’t just want partners who can deliver products, they want partners who can deliver value and they also want people who are able to both sell, supply and support while utilising technology to the highest extent.

Technological Nirvana

Achieving this state isn’t easy, to say the least. In fact, so many partners are not ready for the new technologically dominated marketplace. A lot of people treat it as though it won’t have a huge impact on what they are trying to do, and for this reason they are largely unprepared for it. So with that being said, where does a channel chief start when transforming a program? The mistake that so many people make is trying to take an approach from the inside-out. They see the world through their own point of view and this means that they must sell certain products at certain volumes. They also need to try and deliver way more services to generate more revenue. They need to maintain or expand volumes, and they need to do so while consuming less support. This ultimately means that people do the carrot-and-stick approach.

The Customer

The customer should always be the starting point when it comes to channel chiefs crafting their next-generation program. With help, we might be able to define the new trends that happen to be shaping the world around us. We know that services are going to be dominating the technological landscape. If you start with the customer on the other hand, you can reverse-engineer new routes and methods to try and market efficiently, and this will then lead to new partners being identified and even new propositions as well. If you take an outside-in approach then you will soon understand the direction that you need to take in order to drive your channel. You will also find out more about the types of partners that need to be engaged with.

Tuning the Elements

If you are able to reshape and tune the elements then this can produce a good measure of growth but it is important to know that history will repeat itself. You will also find that channel chiefs are far better off solving problems for their customer and thinking of their channel partners as what they are, partners. If you are able to structure yourself around this, you will soon find that this is the path to the future.